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Our mission is to help your business quickly respond to the COVID-19 crisis by creating effective and affordable risk prevention strategies

We monitor guidelines from the CDC and local governments in numerous states and provides our partners with the best techniques possible to operate their business safely

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Our solutions are unique products created to meet the health guidelines that local and federal governments have suggested. We address four categories every business needs to consider when reopening:

Stop the Spread
Controlling Your Occupancy
Encouraging Social Distancing
Minimize and Preventing Contact

Stop the Spread

  • Promote the hand washing and hand sanitizer usage for customers and employees
  • Encourage the use of PPE (protective equipment like face masks and gloves)
  • Monitor fevers as customers and employees enter
  • Implement resources that can help you sterilize and sanitize your business daily
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Controlling Your Occupancy

  • Always know how many people are in your business at any given time
  • Digitally count those who enter areas and monitor occupancy in real-time
  • Link to on-premise digital signage to communicate with your customers
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Encouraging Social Distancing

  • Social distancing requires 6 feet of spacing between people. Floor signage and digital signage could help customers understand the requirements
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Minimizing and Preventing Contact

  • By including a clear physical partition between employees and customers, your business can convey the message that it is taking the necessary precautions to protect everyone.
  • Our clear protective barriers are intended for use on ANY desktop or countertop, including cash registers, banks, coffee shops, reception desks, conference rooms and cafeterias.
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