Stop The Spread

Stop the spread with full-service sanitizing stations with 21.5” display screen

Product Details

Stop the spread of COVID-19 with our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with integrated 21.5" screen.

Great for advertising, information and/or guidelines. Provides PPE gear necessary to keep customers and staff safe. Simple free standing Full Service Sanitizing Station can be used for higher traffic areas. Great for public spaces!

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser & Personal Protective Equipment Containers

Automatic dispenser is triggered by motion sensors below the unit.

  • Allows for no direct contact with the kiosk.
  • FDA approved hand sanitizer formula. One gallon capacity makes it easy to re-fill and keep inventory on-hand.
  • Nitrile glove and face mask box holder. Easy access to refill boxes.

21.5 inch HD Display with speakers

High quality full HD screen with digital signage capability. Can be used to communicate instructions, information or advertising depending on business needs. Built-in speakers allow for a multimedia experience with messages

Free Consultation

We offer a free 30 minute consultation for any business interested in our sanitizing stations. Our unique All-in-one package comes with an automatic sanitizer dispenser, custom advertising capabilities, high-definition display and plug and play content management. Quick and easy installation and ready to ship globally.

Our solutions offer you the confidence of doing everything possible to keep your customers and team members safe.