Clean Passage Occupancy Control System

Limiting occupancy will encourage social distancing by reducing the number of visitors in a given area

Product Details

The Clean Passage Occupancy Control System provides a more cost-effective and efficient way to abide by safety regulations during the global pandemic.

  • Count real-time occupancy in your building
  • Alert staff if capacity limit is breached
  • Live occupancy widget to display at your website
  • Quick and easy installation

Includes: 1 Footfall Camera, 1 display, mounts and cabling
Requires: Data connection, power supply

Real-time occupancy alerts for staff

  • Owners/managers can set a predetermined threshold on the number of people occupying a certain space.
  • Notify staff when occupancy limits have been reached.

21.5" HD Display with speakers

  • A tablet display at the entrance uses a simple traffic light system to inform customers on wait times and occupancy restrictions.
  • When other customers exit, the screen will update in real-time. This allows for efficient occupancy control for your business.

Free Consultation

We offer a free 30 minute consultation for any business interested in our occupancy control systems. Our unique all-in-one package comes with integrated software, customer-facing live display, employee-facing dashboard, staff alerts, and custom occupancy reporting. Quick and easy installation and ready to ship globally.

Our solutions offer you the confidence of doing everything possible to keep your customers and team members safe.